MPPM organizes the “Week of Palestine” around the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On November 29th, 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 181 (II) on the partition of Palestine in two states, one Arab and one Jewish, with a special statute for Jerusalem. Of those, only the Jewish state was created. So, in 1977, 30 years later, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 32/40B calling for the observation of November 29th as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
Corresponding to the UN call, MPPM promoted a number of initiatives, cultural and political, included in a “Week of Palestine” with a view of, “not only expressing the solidarity from the Portuguese people to the Palestinian people, but also of divulging the rich culture of this martyr people that for over 60 years has been fighting to regain the fatherland of which it was deprived”.
On November 18th, at Casa do Alentejo, in Lisbon, near two hundred persons attended a public meeting, chaired by José Neves, to hear Randa Nabulsi, José Manuel Pureza, Carlos Carvalho, Friar Bento Domingues and José Saramago speak about the struggle of the Palestinian people for a sovereign independence and a just peace.
On November 21st, a typical Palestinian dinner, held in Grupo Sportivo Adicence, located in the heart of Alfama, the old Moorish quarter in Lisbon, attracted over 100 guests who were also presented a review of the work of Palestinian painter Ismaïl Shamut.
The life and work of poet Mahmud Darwich were evoked by Júlio de Magalhães and Randa Nabulsi, on the 24th November, at the Círculo de Letras Bookshop. His poems were read by actors Maria do Céu Guerra and João D’Ávila and by the young Palestinians Shahd Wadi and Aqid Yaghi.
The “Week” program closed on the 25th November with the screening of the movie “Divine Intervention”, by Elia Suleiman, at the theater Cinearte / A Barraca.
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