MPPM notes with deep regret the passing of Elsa Rodrigues dos Santos

Elsa Rodrigues dos Santos, activist of MPPM since its foundation and presently a member of the National Directorate, died last Tuesday, aged 73, victim of sudden illness. She was the widow of painter Figueiredo Sobral.
Elsa Rodrigues dos Santos was an expert in Portuguese language and African literature and was President of the Society of Portuguese Language. She was a democratic activist, always eager to participate in fights in defense of the April revolution and for Peace and collaborated with the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation and the Portuguese Movement against Apartheid. She became a militant in the struggle for the rights and liberation of the Palestinian people since the Great World Conference of Solidarity with the Arab People and their Central Cause - Palestine, held in Lisbon in November 1979, which was attended by Yasser Arafat.
There is great consternation among all of us, comrades and friends of Elsa. To the children, grandchildren and other members of the family we present the deepest condolences.
We invite all members of the MPPM and supporters of the Palestinian cause to join a final goodbye to Elsa Rodrigues dos Santos at the funeral which will be held at São João de Deus, in Lisbon.
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