MPPM and other organizations voice the indignation of Portuguese people faced with the barbarian aggression to Gaza

In view of the Israeli attack to Gaza, a movement of repulse and indignation arose all over the world.
In Portugal, MPPM made public its position in a Statement signed by José Saramago, President of tha General Assembly, Isabel Allegro Magalhães and Mário Ruivo, co-Presidents, and Silas Cerqueira, Coordinator.
On January 7th, MPPM organized a public meeting, claiming for the immediate end of Israeli aggression in Gaza Strip, chaired by Mário Ruivo, where Carlos Almeida and José Manuel Goulão were speakers, and which was followed by a vivid and much participated debate.
On January 8th, MPPM, together with the Portuguese Peace Movement, the General Labour Confederation and many other organizations, called for a protest meeting before the Embassy of Israel.
On January 17th, another protest meeting was organized in Aveiro by the local Labour Union together with other organizations, including MPPM.
Finally, on January 24th, over a hundred organizations, including MPPM, called for a mass meeting in Largo de Camões, in downtown Lisbon.
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